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Moroccan Vitamin Sea

The Mediterranean coast of Morocco was the perfect place for me to unwind and get grounded. The last few months since moving to Fez were exhausting, trying to settle in and make my house a home took a big toll on me. As with many things in Morocco, nothing goes as it should, always surprises on every corner, always challenges that require patience and plenty of mint tea.

I’ve heard of the term grounding ourselves but I never understood it. I did some research and I decided that I needed to ground myself at the beach, the Mediterranean Sea to be exact. After all, the Mediterranean is where I took my first swim and where I walked as a little girl with my family eating ice cream from my uncle’s shop, the only ice cream shop in the Mena in Tripoli back then. In the past, I have visited many Moroccan cities that were on the Atlantic Ocean. Tangier, Kenitra, Rabat, Casablanca, Mohamedia, Al Jadida, Oulidia, Safi, Essaouira, Imsouan, Taghazout, Agadir, Mirleft and Sid Ifni.

I have also visited some cities that were on the Mediterranean Sea a while ago bordering Algeria such as Nador and Saiidia.

This time my mission was to visit the sea and get myself grounded and recharged. We started by driving from Fez to the blue city of Chefchaouen, about 200 Km. We first stopped at the newly opened Café Clock, we wandered in the magical blue city for a while. We started driving out of Chefchaouen heading to the sea, we arrived at a small town called Oued Laou. You can also get to Oued Laou from Chefchaouen by a big taxi. As soon as I smelled and heard the sea I dropped all my worries and the heavy baggage that I have been carrying around with me for the last several months.

We arrived late in the evening, we just popped by the sea to say hello and we strolled for a while in anticipation for an early morning swim the next day. Because I live with pain all the time, I have to be careful to when to stop and when to keep going or otherwise I might end up paying a very painful price.

I call this photo Bnat Lalla Manana - a TV series from few years ago on local TV about a lady called Lalla Manana and her daughters. I love how the cat is watching over the girls!

The town of Oued Laou was not as crowded as other beach cities, perhaps it was the end of the season or maybe it is not a popular destination such as Martil and Cabo Negro up toward Tetouan. My first swim the next day early in the morning was disturbed by a jellyfish who was protecting itself from me. A nasty stung that is till scaring to this day and a visit to the local pharmacy for some medicines derailed me from grounding myself at the beach that day. I had a high fever and I was tired beyond explanation, that little cute jellyfish did a number on me.

That evening, we drove up north on the coastline to Tetouan for dinner and city life. The coastline stretch that was about 47 km was breathtaking! Reminded me so much of Lebanon. We stopped at another awesome town called Amsa, the people were super nice and always welcoming my husband the Marrakechi!

Tetouan is one of my favorite cities in Morocco, super clean and the people are not necessarily friendly but they keep to themselves. Tetouan and Fez were two cities I’ve heard of growing up from studying history in elementary school In Lebanon. And not to mention the very patriotic old song from my childhood known as the Arab World National Anthem were Tetouan was mentioned when calling all of the Arab lands as one county from the Levant to Baghdad and from Najd to Yemen to Egypt to Tetouan.

I got stung by a jellyfish, feasted on some fresh seafood…. I must switch to being pescetarian when traveling…LOL! And I still haven’t tried this beach grounding thing. I have read that we all need grounding to feel connected to mother earth and that grounding could help fight illnesses and fatigue. Grounding is simply walking barefooted with direct contact with earth which has a slightly negative charge. So, when you stand barefoot on that sand, electrons from the earth flow into your body and give you healing powers. We all know how great it feels to walk barefoot on the sand but it never occurred to me the amount of benefit this simple, free activity could have on the body and spirit.

After spending a few days by the beach grounding myself, we drove to the famous waterfalls of Akshour. I must’ve picked the busiest day of the year to visit this beautiful paradise because it was packed! Lunch cooked on firewood by the waterfalls followed by mint tea and a promise to visit this place again soon.

We also drove to another one of my favorite sleepy town in Morocco; Ouazzane, a town we first encountered few years ago during the holiday Ashoura. A little town with so much character that I absolutely adore.

I have a special connection to the Mediterranean Sea and I’m glad I was able to connect with the sea

and drop all my worries there. I got recharged, re-energized and grounded for sure!

There is more to Morocco than just Marrakech and Fez or the dessert, go on...try exploring the magnificent coast of Morocco where French is a foreign language!!!

P.S I have a lot of photos but it is time consuming uploading them to this blog especially with the very fast internet we have in Morocco. I almost gave up writing this blog because of the amount of time it takes to upload photos. I know I am the kind who relate to images better than words so if you are like me, I apologize for the limited pictures.


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