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At Home in Fez

Hello there, I miss you all and I am terribly sorry for disappearing on you for a long time. We moved from Marrakech to the ancient imperial city of Fez. I moved many times in my life, from one country to another but this time, this move was a special one. Many criticized my move, warned me, tried to convince me to stay in my comfort zone. Gosh…really?! Me…comfort zone? Sorry, not me! Comfort zone is nice but nothing ever grows there.

The move was scheduled back in March during my visit to Jordan for a family reunion. Not being present during the move made me nervous, but I gotta handed to my partner who moved all our stuff while I was away. When I arrived at the airport in Casablanca he was waiting for me with the rest of our stuff and two frightened cats.

The house/Riad we are calling home is located deep in the old city of Fez, with beautiful Moroccan architecture. Walls made of the most beautiful traditional tiles (Zelige), plaster arches, and the most exquisite woodwork. It is a small cozy little place but with a grand feeling, only one master-bedroom and a small guest-room. It took the cats a while to navigate through the narrow stairs and they claimed the small guest room as theirs.

I truly feel at home in this house with its spacious kitchen, a rare gift in Morocco to have a big kitchen. I look forward to hosting many dinner parties here making so many wonderful memories.

The house was vacant for almost six years. The restoration started and still going to this day, all of that puts so much stress on us and on our cats. It will take another month or so to finish some of the small things around the house. During the period of restoration, we came to know the workers that showed up every day at 7:30 am. Poor guys, they had to put up with my different moods daily.


At Home In Morocco

Fez, Morocco

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