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A home office in Marrakech

When decorating our homes, we often neglect a very important room in the house. Even if you don’t work from home if you have a desk and a computer you have a home office. We don’t give too much attention to the home office when indeed it is one of the most productive room in the house.

Having the right environment can impact our creativity and productivity. Clearing clutter is a good way to energize your home office if you are like me a magnet to clutter, start by organizing your clutter if this makes any sense!? Having everything in the right place, putting things back in its place after each use is a good system to adapt in order to avoid the chaotic feeling that cold drain your energy.

My home office serves as a guest room, hmm... the last time we had an overnight guest was about a year ago when one of my brothers, the brave one, came to visit me in Morocco. The bed currently serves a day bed, lounge bed, and the cats have claimed it theirs….so maybe that why we don’t have overnight guests; Meow!

The last few months, I have tried positioning the desk in different ways in the small 14”x11’ room we call office/guestroom/clutter room/cats’ room! I finally found the right spot for my glass top – from trash to treasure – table. The base of the desk is an old sewing machine purchased from the flea-market in Marrakech, I chose a glass top to create the illusion of space and to make the small room appear bigger. The round shape obviously to avoid sharp edges within the crowded room.

My home office desk so I can observe the beautiful sunshine that filter through the opening of the roof that exists in most homes in Marrakech. Often birds come through that opening to say good morning and no my cats will not chase them!

With the blue moon energy from last night, I woke up with a mission to re-energize my workspace. I have t admit that lately I have been feeling sluggish, blamed on the harsh winter we have here in Marrakech…sunshine most days!!! Still, homes in Marrakech tend to be very cold during the winter months due to insufficient insulation even with the sunshine, the homes stay cold and that could result in a low-level energy.

A simple DIY free project with an important message now

sits above my desk to remind me to focus on today.

The frame was given to me as a “cadeaux” gift when I purchased a chair a few years ago from the flea-market. Originally it was a black frame with a promotional photo of toiletry products for a Moroccan company. There was no way I’m hanging this in my home, I remember that was my thoughts when the nice vendor offered it to me. I have used it in the past to display one of my son's early art pieces, now that he moved to a more sophisticated one and with his permission, I proceeded with the new look for this old frame. I used my home printer and printed the three words you see in the photo, today is all that matters, not yesterday and not tomorrow.

I am a great believer in the art and science of Feng Shui, I did few search and found myself at the “Mellah” old market in Marrakech buying beads and crystals. Green faceted crystal to enhance wealth and purple, well because purple is my favorite color….it also enhance wealth and prosperity. I used the crystals with assortments of beads to create three unique sun-catchers that are now hung facing my desk and exposed to the opening in the roof to reflect the energy of the sun.

I hope I inspired you to bring good energy to your home and remember

~ this moment is all there is - Rumi~


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