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Eat out

When you hear the expression “eat out” you’re immediately thinking of dining out, that’s how most of us are programmed to think. Nothing wrong with trying different food at different food venues, sharing a meal while others wait on you, no dishes to clean at home and leftovers for lunch the next day.

My recent “eat out” experience was not your typical dining at a restaurant or picnicking outdoor, it was about me preparing a healthy meal and sharing it with a friend outdoor.

The advantage of living in this amazing country is that we have the most stunning nature, snow, sand, and water. In Marrakech medina the people are divided into two, a group sleeps until the afternoon and they stay up all night and the other group they go to bed early and are up early so you see the city never sleeps. There is endless entertainment in Marrakech around where I live, just walking to the nearby Jemaa El Fna is enough for me to get my dose of sunshine and entertainment.

Early this year a friend gave me a spiralizer, you know this thing that turns vegetables into spirals. I have been trying to experiment with it creating healthy vegetarian option and I must say, I love it! So, when I got asked to cook a vegan lunch, all I could think of was my magical spiralizer. The lunch was for my friend who wanted me to see her little hideaway house away from civilization and enjoy a healthy meal with her.

I prepared Lebanese style salad using barley and I spiralized the carrots, the most fun part. I grilled the fresh green peppers over an open fire, reached for my rice to stuff the peppers…I was out of rice. I had three options to buy rice, I could have gone and bought the rice, or had my husband who was still at home that morning go and get the rice for me. My third option was to call Youssef the guy whom we buy grocery from and have him deliver it. Of course, I wasn’t going to do that…no, not me. I will improvise I said. My husband shook his head, smiled and said to me that if he ever gets stuck in a desert with nothing to eat he would rather be stuck with me because he loves me and because he is damn sure that I will find a way to feed us both. Awwww, how romantic, right?!

I proceeded with stuffing the grilled peppers with Lebanese style potatoes, cooked the potatoes and then added sautéed garlic and cilantro. Packed my lunch and went out to meet my friend in the countryside.

Being outdoors can offer relief for everything from depression to negativity. The majestic Atlas Mountains in the background covered with snow on a warm sunny day with a healthy meal and good company was exactly what I needed.


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