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Dashing through the sunshine

Dashing through the sunshine!

I have been careful not to post too many happy sunshine photos so as not to offend the folks that are dashing through a snowy season. It has been unexceptionally sunny, warm and dry here in Marrakech. During the day the temperature is about 23°C/73°F and at night it dips to 5°C/41°F. We desperately need rain, it’s been very dry - no sign of snow on the Atlas Mountains from the old medina. Usually, around this time of the year, the high tips of the mountains will peek through the palm trees of Marrakech with their powdery tops. Not this year! While I know it's necessary to receive rain, I can’t help but enjoy the eternal sunshine.

I will share with you few photos from my daily runs to the market though. I am so blessed to live in this beautiful city with access to incredible fresh produce daily, making my vegetarian/vegan lifestyle a whole lot easier. I start with the exotic fruits guy for raspberries or blueberries, then the green leaves guy who sells arugula and spinach. If I come after 11am, most are gone! The flower guy is always on the lookout for some new interesting purple flowers for me. The olives guy, always insisting I try before buying. Then finally the spice guy who is my favorite, he’s an old man who works with his son and enjoys speaking to me in classical Arabic (Fusha). Never a dull moment at the souk!

My happy place is in my tiny little kitchen creating recipes for my family and friends.

I tried making fruitcake, don’t know why it has such a bad reputation?! Mine was super delicious and I am somebody’s great aunt… so off with that myth that fruitcakes are dry and non-edible.

Wherever you are, I hope you are enjoying this special time of the year whether you celebrate or not.


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