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La crème de la crème of October

Well hello there! My last post was on the first of October and now it's almost the end of October. How did that happen?! I have been busy - but busy is good, right? Let's see...

At the beginning of October I was in Paris for the weekend. I couldn’t go to Paris without visiting the Marché Aux Puces, the mecca of the flea-markets. The tour started with my good friend Sandy from La Source Parisienne along with other treasure hunters. I was in Paris attending a regional conference for a women organization. A weekend full of inspirational speakers and good food! The flea-market tour was the la crème de la crème for me, I always wanted to visit but I would never find the time, going to the flea-market with a knowledgeable person like Sandy made the whole experience more enjoyable.

Later in October, I attended the Sufi music festival in Fez "Festival de la culture Soufie". The festival happens once a year usually around October, the theme for this year was "Sufism seeks out of the Wisdom of the World: Sufism’s road from Morocco to India". Even if you are not into Sufisim, you would enjoy the great music and performers. I'm looking forward to next year's festival.

This photo above is from the Madrasa (old school) where some of the round table discussions took place during the festival and prepared me for my next adventure in Fez.

Again I can’t go to Fez without going and exploring and getting lost in the souk. I was privileged to do a private Islamic geometry class with the brilliant Craft Draft. If you are not familiar with this art, it is basically the lines and circles that make all these beautiful designs of tiles we see all over Morocco, especially the Madrasa Ben Yousef in Marrakech and the Madrasa Bou Inania that is pictured above.

Starting with a circle and with a few techniques, with practice the lines get connected and you get yourself a different style of stars and patterns. Later these can be connected to others to make more magic. This is my latest hobby to calm me down and force me to focus!

My other adventure in October was back in my Red City, attending a Guitar Portuguese music concert in the beautiful Palais Bahia. I had never been to the palace at night, it was magnificent! The music was so calming, relaxed and just so easy to listen to.

My final adventure for the month was attending the TEDx Marrakesh, which was hosted at the beautiful Es Saadi Resort. Fabulous speakers and ambiance and my favorite storyteller Mehdi El Ghaly!!! He shared a century old story about a group of women from different walks of life and different ages. Every word they spoke had a wise message attached to it, even though they lived in a different time and age it was spot on for all of us who go through life judging others. The event ended with the amazing Hind Hakki, a MoroccanDutch musician who electrified the stage with her performance.

I was also busy in between my adventures, hosting dinners and lunches at my house. Check out the new section AT Home Chef for my food adventures. Book a seat at my table and enjoy some authentic fusion vegetarian food, share a meal, share a story, eat like a local.

October is not over yet... I'm exhausted already! I could never imagine my life anywhere else but here in Morocco.

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