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Are you a minimalist or a maximalist?

Are you a minimalist or a maximalist when it comes to decorating your home?

Personally, and with no shame, I admit to being a maximalist. I like to surround myself with so many colors and patterns, objects that I collect through travel, and family heirlooms. A minimalist décor never appealed to me - or at least I thought.

Let's start by comparing the two. According to Wikipedia, maximalist is the opposite of minimalist! Hmmm?!?! Really? For most of us, the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear "maximalist" is "more is more", and when you hear "minimalist" it's "less is more". I am here to tell you that, actually, you can be both! Especially if you love decorating with a Moroccan touch.

As I said earlier, I love to be surrounded by colors and little nicknacks. I am a flea-market junkie for Meow’s sake!!!! Yet, my friends... I am also a minimalist, and have been most of my adult life without knowing it until recently.

To me, minimalism sounded so unappealing and bland, and did not fit with my personality. Minimalist people I knew were the kind who embraced clean modern design, whereas I craved antique designed with character, curves, patterns, textiles, colors… again here I go with the colors!

Don’t think for a minute that maximalism is easy to achieve, it can look like chaos if you are not careful layering patterns and colors. It could lead to a headache and might give bad energy to a room. Achieving a minimalist design is not easy either, it can look boring and cold if not done well.

My personal opinion on these two design aesthetics is that décor should represent the person living in the house and their lifestyle. However, I did mention that you could be both at the same time. For example, I always keep the walls and bedding in my bedroom white and never use bold colors in this room - just a hint of purple as it is my signature color.

As a rule of thumb, whether you are a minimalist or a maximalist, the bedroom should be Zen at all times. Not necessarily boring, just limit colors, patterns and objects - in the bedroom less really is more. Absolutely no TV in the bedroom, and keep it clean and clutter-free, it is after all the room that you spend the most time in while you are at home. It always strikes me to see all these designs with bookshelves over the bed, or large hanging plants or even a chandelier!!! I never have anything like that above my bed for safety reasons... hey, don't laugh, I lived on an earthquake fault line before moving to Morocco.

As you can see from the photo below, I opt to hang dreamcatchers above my bed and nothing else. The rest of my house is a mix of everything that represents who I am. And that is how you achieve the two designs together in one house.

I was really inspired by a house design that was shared at Sf Girl. I personally cannot have all that white around me in every room, but the little touches of color and character from the couple's travel and childhood make their house a home.

So, are you a minimalist or a maximalist? What do you have above your bed?


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