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Eid in Morocco

It’s that time of the year again, sheep everywhere you look, baa baa baa....all night and all day until Friday morning that is. It is the Eid celebration in Morocco, although I grew up celebrating Eid, it was nothing like the Eid in Morocco.

My version of the celebration of Eid growing up was all about dressing in new clothes and shoes, visiting families and eating sweet Maamoul…..no meat!!!!! Religious chatting would be heard from loud speakers throughout the town, streets are decorated to welcome back the pilgrims from their Hajj journey. While in California, many Eids were spent at work or at school or waiting for the weekend to go visit my family.

I have always made Maamoul for my family on each Eid, Maamoul is a sweet cookie filled with either dates, walnuts or pistachios. A tradition I kept even while living in Morocco, one of my favorite recipes for Maamoul is from my gal at Tasty Mediterraneo, her vegan Maamoul recipe brought back so many sweet childhood memories.

Don’t worry if you don’t have the wooden molds, you can shape them with your hands. After all, it’s about the taste and whom you share it with not the look. If you happen to be in Marrakech, you can borrow my molds to make this unique Eid recipe. I make mine with pre-packaged dates that look like a paste, available in most stores in the Medina.

Backing always helped me de-stressed, I am in my small kitchen in the Medina creating sweet memories to make me feel at home while away from home. The smell of Maamoul with the background Baa Baa Baa noise from the sheep, the excitement of the little boys outside on the streets and everyone exchanging Eid wishes, are the little things that make me feel at home in Morocco.

It is all about making a house a home while living away from home.


At Home In Morocco

Fez, Morocco

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