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The best things in life are old, loved and rescued

Bab El Khemiss Flea-market is one of my favorite addictions in Morocco.

Bab El Khemis translated to Thursday's door; in the old days, the city had a great wall and doors that still exist today. This door was named Thursday, referring to the weekly market that took place every Thursday. The original name of this door was Bab Fes, as this is the road that leads to Fes. Today the market is vibrant and alive on most days except Fridays, weekends, and Thursdays are the best days to visit and find great deals.

The souk or the flea market consists of two parts, the covered and the open space, and many visitors are not aware of the covered part. Vendors here are chilled and allow visitors to look around and ask questions. In other words, they are not pushy compared with other places in the old medina. However, it is still the same practice here: "haggling" is essential and necessary here in Souk Bab El Khemis.

If you are a collector of vintage items, you will find many pieces scattered around in addition to a few shops that carry only items from that era. Antique pieces are available and sometimes overlooked by many shoppers.

The market is "THE" place to shop if you search for that old Moroccan door, old Handira, clocks, old keys, or records. It is like you have just found Ali Baba's cave, from silver to brass to leather to glassware to magic carpets.

If you are in Marrakech or planning to visit soon, you do not want to miss this journey into the past. Drop me a line to arrange for one of a kind tour of the biggest flea market in and around Marrakech.


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