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Sometimes I look at myself in the mirror and I wonder?!?!

I’m looking back at my first major purchase when I moved here; a black metal arched mirror that still my favorite to this day. It is the shape that I mesmerized from my first visit, it symbolized the incredible Moroccan architecture. I bought it from the flea market in Marrakech for 250 dirhams, paid a 100 dirham for delivery. I started building around that mirror the rest of the living room and I carried on the design to the bedroom. I commissioned a carpenter to create a special wardrobe with a big door that is the same shape as my original mirror. It is really exciting to get things made your way if you are like me, I love to be unique and make things that reflect my personality. The whole experience of working with the carpenter is unique by itself, he learned what I liked and disliked. I also learned a lot about him and his family, because here in Morocco is all about the community. Don’t be surprised if you get invited to a wedding by your carpenter or your dressmaker. Having said that, I worked with few that I wasn’t pleased with but that still won’t reflect on the rest of the wonderfully creative people of Morocco. I also have family members that I'm not pleased with but that still doesn't change my attitude toward my entire family. Anything you can imagine, you can have it done in Morocco, with few near heart attack moments but at the end, it gets done and no one gets hurt and it is always one of the kind.

What was your first major purchase toward making your house a home in Morocco?

Sahar’ tip: I love decorating with mirrors especially in the old houses in the medina with often few or no windows at all. They make a room look bigger and brighter, just make sure your mirror is reflecting something beautiful and

uncluttered area of your house. Keep in mind that mirror facing the front door or your bed is considered bad Feng Shui. It send energy back out your front door and facing your bed might give you nightmare or insomnia.

I even got my nails done with my favorite Morccan arch shape


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